Our Comporsers and Artists

  • Manuel Ochoa is a professional pianist and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    He studied piano with a number of great pianists in Buenos Aires and New York.
    Manuel is very active in the Argentine music scene and is working on many jazz and tango projects.
    He has released 3 albums as leader and...

  • Adriano Plotzki. Sao Paulo. Brasil.
    Versatile musician with ethnic influences. Adriano Plotzki is a Brazilian composer, producer, sound designer, and film director who worked in two of the top three TV networks in Brazil, SBT and Rede Record, from 2000-2004. Writing music for everything from...

  • AFX Industrial (film scores) are a professional film scoring company from London UK

  • Al Donato . United States of America.
    Aldo uses a combination of classic techniques and modern style to achieve its unique guitar sound.
    He classifies his musical style as "contemporary classical guitar"

    Aldo is a great

  • Alan Mairbekovich. Russia.

    Alan is a royalty-free music composer specializing in library music. His compositions are of Pop music, Jazz and documentaries. Music that gives a special air to your videos.

  • Alan Marchand. United States of America.
    Alan offers a variety of music services that include collaboration in recording and performing projects related to music, production of customized musical arrangements, background music and accompaniment for vocalists and professional stage acts, personalized...

  • Alban Chapelle. France.
    Alban is a great saxophonist who also plays many instruments.
    His compositions are original and of great quality of sound in multiple musical styles.
    Composes and produces for cinema, television, multimedia, radio, advertising, Internet.

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  • Aleckx Aleckxstar. Russia.
    Aleckx has a great experience in soundtracks and music for videos.
    He is a great specialist in electronic music.

    Royalty Free songs Aleckx Aleckxstar for advertising. Music without copyright for ads. Aleckx Aleckxstar music for videos.

  • Alex Khaskin. St. Petersburg, Russia.
    He received his piano education and direction in Glinka, and orchestration at the State Conservatory of St. Petersburg.
    He graduated with the distinction of Master with the highest qualifications of his promotion.
    Specialist in soundtracks and TV...

  • Alex is a Russian guitarist, performer, and composer who brings us smoldering Blues Rock and Funk tracks. His soulful music is great for a variety of Film, TV, Commercial, and Multimedia projects needing edgy and melodic guitar.

    Royalty Free songs from Alex...

  • Alex is a pianist and songwriter from the UK.
    He started playing the piano at the age of seven. Later on, he began composing music for works of art.
    After studying music at Oxford University he began to write music professionally, to create  music library for television and commercial videos.

  • Alexander Lisenkov. Russian Federation

    Alexander Lisenkov is a Russian multi-genre composer of music for TV, production music libraries and video games.

    He started making music professionally in 2001 and his first release was on the...

  • For a decade, he wrote songs for several leading Russian artists.
    In 2004, Alexander began studying arrangements for his own compositions, focusing on electronics, dance and...

  • Alexander Rybakov. Russian Federation.
    Founder and member of several rock bands from 1998 to 2003. He worked as a DJ. Since the year 2000.
    From that moment he began to work in recording studios. He currently has a home studio at home and records music for soundtracks. His specialty is extreme guitar...

  • Alexander Shwarzborg. Riga, Latvia.
    Composer of music in multiple genres, with which tries to transmit different states of mind and the currents of thought that reflect the reality.
    In the last 20 years he has worked with different musicians and independent bands. He has composed music for commercial advertising, web, music for...

  • Anders Urth. Denmark.

    Based in Denmark, Anders Urth Christensen has been composing for over 10 years now. He has a penchant for creating powerful cinematic music, and his Orchestral and Dramatic pieces are perfect for film, TV, and video game soundtracks. Anders also writes fun, uplifting instrumentals with Indie, Pop, and Folk...

  • Andrés Cordero. Spain
    Andrés began his musical career at the age of 14-15 as a vocalist for groups in Huelva, combining later this task with that of guitarist. Always restless, this attitude takes you to groups of Rock, Punk, Carnival Groups, Rocieros Groups or Celtic Folk, within which develops his facet as a composer.
    In 2002 he...

  • Andy V Sotiriou. Greece

    Andy belongs to the team of composers Passionate Soundtracks, musicians and sound engineers with a wide variety of production styles, soundtracks, symphonic, folk, rock, minimalism and more. In the last five years they have been active in composing music for films, documentaries and theatrical productions. In...

  • Bartek Niedzwiecki. Poland.
    Producer of music and remixer. He has produced many songs to date, in different styles of music, since 1997.

  • Benjamin Segal. Canada.
    Benjamin is dedicated to all forms of electronic music with genres such as drum & bass, dubstep, IDM among others.

  • Benny Hawes. United Kingdom.

    Benny has been writing, producing and recording music for over 10 years and is extremely versatile when it comes to styles and genres. 

    Its catalog covers a vast styles of sound, including Jazz, Funk, Electronics, World, and Hip Hop. In addition to working on his own music.
    Benny regularly...

  • Tailandia.
    Bhanupong es un compositor con sede en Tailandia que se especializa en música para videojuegos y comerciales.
    Guitarrista y bajista profesional, ha escrito música de videojuegos para varios lanzamientos de videojuegos independientes de Japón, Hong Kong y Tailandia.
    La experiencia de Bhanupong se mueve entre Rock...

  • Bill Turpin. United States.
    Bill has one of the leading studios in the Atlanta area.
    It has maintained its reputation for exceptional productions, with a relaxed attitude and a comfortable atmosphere.
    He also composes and produces music for cinema, video, and the audiovisual sector.

  • Bobby Cole. United Kingdom.
    Bobby specializes in producing music for YouTube videos, short films, independent films, audio-visual projects, advertising agencies, and more.
    His music is constantly being used around the world on a wide variety of projects.

  • Brian Thomas. United States.
    Brian is a multi-instrumentalist whose music can be heard on the networks of ABC TV, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, VH1.
    His music has also appeared in documentaries, trailers, cartoons, web videos and other projects.

  • Brill Brian. United States.
    Brill is a pianist and has had two Emmy Awards, has written Music for soundtracks on PBS, CBS Sports, and Discovery Channel.
    Also composes for royalty-free sound libraries

  • Brockton James. United States.
    Brockton is a composer and singer who has released four compact discs.
    He has composed music for regional radio programming and other multimedia projects in the US and Europe.

    Brockton James is a composer and recording artist based...

  • Brooks Jon. United Kingdom

  • Carlos Estella. Spain.
    Carlos is a Spanish keyboardist and composer.
    His melodic compositions and orchestral pieces are influenced by Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, and Enya.
    He creates everything from sound landscapes and broad textures to science fiction soundtracks, compositions for film, television and...

  • Chad Hannah. United States

  • Charles De Young. United States.
    Charlie is a songwriter, performer and former co-founder / member of a famous alternative rock band in Boston.
    Today he mainly writes instrumental music, alternative rock as well as blues, jazz, and hip hop tracks.
    His songs can be heard on CBS, NBC, MTV, VH1, A & E, History Channel,...

  • Chill Purpose. Poland.
    He began his musical activity in the early 1990s as a computer game composer as a teenager.
    Today he is a full-time producer who is involved in the production of soundtracks for television commercials, radio ads, websites, commercial presentations and mobile devices.
    You can listen to his works in...

  • Chris Cooke. United States.
    Chris has been a professional musician and composer for more than 20 years. He has had numerous collaborations on songs with independent artists and films.
    He is a very versatile musician and specialist in Rock, Country, Blues and electronics as main styles.

  • Chris Hill. United Kingdom.

  • Chris Worth. United Kingdom.
    Chris offers music around the world for movies, television, radio, DVD and video productions, websites, multimedia presentations, animations, audio-visual presentations, events, computer games, video and mobile applications.

  • Christian Aen. Hungary.
    Composer and multi-instrumentalist with more than 20 years of experience in the composition of music for television, radio and cinema.

  • Christian Andersson. Sweden.

    Christian's music is currently available at some of the world's top music agencies, and as a result, his works include MTV shows, TV shows on the Discovery Channel, and many other broadcast locations.

    From epic and dramatic orchestral scores to fun and playful orchestral arrangements, his music is...

  • Christophe Thaeron.France.
    Musician, composer, producer since 2009.
    Their music is great a variety of styles, advertising, television, websites, multimedia, business, documentaries, short films.
    He is a great specialist in Chill out music, Lounge, relaxation and environmental music for Spa.

  • Chuck Henry. United States.
    Specialist musician in radio, television, commercials and independent films. "

  • <p>Germany.<br />
    Claudia is a composer, producer and sound designer and has been specialized in composing custom music and recording sound effects for a wide variety of projects.<br />
    Styles range from cinematic tracks, worldmusic, romantic music, classical music, rock, pop, hip hop, techno, percussion,...

  • Colin Willsher. United Kingdom.
    Colin has been writing music since the age of twelve.
    After playing with various bands, he is now a professional music and television composer.

  • Craig Lightfoot. United Kingdom.
    Musician specializing in electronic music, Easy listening, Corporate and Comic.

  • Dadi Giardani. Indonesia.
    Musician, Arranger, Composer, Producer, has worked in several record companies in Indonesia since 1990.

  • Dan Cullen. West Yorkshire. UK

    Dan is a prestigious composer, producer, guitar. He is a worshiper of classical music in general with a strange bias towards anything written for cello. He has composed scores for feature films, short films and videogames, and has had his music licensed for advertising campaigns, television series and...

  • Dan Pasternak. United States.
    Dan has been a composer for more than 20 years doing commercials and Indie music.
    Its main style is acoustic with electronic elements.

  • United States.
    Dan creates Soundscapes and atmospheres both tranquil and electrifying.
    His music has been used in a variety of soundtracks and multi media platforms of various kinds.

  • Daniel Bautista

    Daniel Bautista. Spain.
    Daniel's solo career really begins in 2000, when he was still in the Hipospadia group. He recorded two experimental albums called "Self Indulgence" and "Solo".
    In 2002, a Hipospadia project to cover classical pieces would become the "Classics and Soundtracks" collection over the years. During the summer...

  • Davis Harwell USA

    With some of the best education the world can offer, and years of professional experience to prove it, we understand that a musical score can be the difference between a “good” visual product and an “outstanding” one. Davis Harwell Music strives to deliver a highly professional sonic identity, carefully tailored to...

  • Dean Gaspardo. United States

  • Dean Wagg. United Kingdom.
    Dean is a British composer whose music has appeared on many major networks, including CBS, Fox Sports and MTV, and in shows such as "10 On Top", "The Sevens" and "Access Hollywood".
    He has had countless collaborations in radio and television commercials in many territories, including France, Canada,...

  • Dennis Coronel. United States

  • Dewey Dellay. United States.
    Dewey composes music for television, movies, the Internet, games and theater.

  • Dmitriy Lukyanov. Russia.
    Dmitriy is a young talented Russian composer and pianist. He is licensed by the prestigious Russian Academy of Music known as Gnesinikh (Moscow, Russia) and has also had the great honor of studying at the Berklee College of Music (USA)
    Dmitriy plays many instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, bass and...

  • Dmitriy Mityukhin. Russia

    Professional composer and sound designer. Make music since 2008. Work with world’s leading trailer music companies. Also make music for TV, ads, featured films.

  • The Israeli composer Dvir Silverstone has a music catalog, which covers a wide range of styles, including Pop, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Folk, Electronic, RnB, Dance, World, Classical, Dramatic and much more. From beautiful piano duos to rhythms driven by percussion, its diverse tracks are perfect for a huge variety...

  • Eduard Barcelona, Spain

    Composer, bassist and double bassist. He is a veteran of the avant-garde scene in Barcelona. He has been part of several Spanish groups and has collaborated with European experimental music reference names. He has composed the music of various dance and music shows for various TV programs, as well as for a...

  • E.L. Mahon. United States.
    He has studied classical with oboe and is credited for being one of the youngest members of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.
    Currently tocay writes non-traditional jazz, but is a combination of many aspects of the jazz

  • Enrico Prandi. Italy.
    Enrico is an arranger and composer. He is a versatile musician with a career of more than twenty years. He has written songs and soundtracks, music for television series and for theatrical performances.

  • Enrique Molano. Canada.
    Enrique is a Colombian musician who received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Westminster in London, UK, currently residing in Canada.
    He has worked in music and sound design for film and television for the past 13 years.
    Enrique combines traditional and contemporary music styles from...

  • Eric Bolvin. United States.

    Eric Bolvin is an award-winning California Composer/Arranger with a schedule that includes playing, writing, teaching, and producing music. As a session player and arranger, Eric has recorded over 50 CDs for A&M Records and Mesa/Blue Moon Records. 

  • Eric Mokotoff. Spain.
    Quantica is a psytrance music project based in Ibiza, Spain.
    Eric studied music theory and was a member of several bands, in 1996 he had contact with the underground scene goa trance that created him a passion for the genre and inspired him to start djing in early 97.
    Eric is also responsible for...

  • Felix M.Grossmann.Germany.
    For Felix to compose music is not only his work, but his passion. Develop scores for movies, video games, television and more.
    He began his musical education at the age of 10, has worked all over the world, produced in many different genres and traditions.
    It specializes in electronic, pop, and...

  • Frank Martí. Spain.
    Frank is an author or self-man musical producer that develops within the different styles of electronic, ambient and experimental music.
    He prefers not to fit into a style, but rather that his music is within the musical fusion.

  • Gari Biasillo. Canada.
    Gari is an independent composer specializing in film music for movies, trailers and video games.

  • Geoff Harvey. UK.
    His music tends to be naturalistic with a slight retro air.
    His specialty is children's music and ambient music. "

  • Geoffrey Wilson. United States.
    Geoffrey Wilson grew up in California and worked professionally as a musician at thirteen.
    He studied classical guitar at the California Institute of the Arts, and was invited to study at UC Santa Barbara.
    Geoffrey has worked extensively as a session musician, music director, composer and...

  • Graham Trust. United Kingdom

  • Greg Reiter. United States.
    Flamenco/Classical Guitarist/Composer, writing and recording for over 35 years.
    Composing and arranging for small orchestras and recording traditional and ethnic instruments.

  • Guy Zerafa. Canada.
    Guy is based in Toronto, although he works frequently in Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Los Angeles and Vancouver.
    He studied classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music, flamenco guitar at the Eli Kassner Guitar Academy and Renaissance lute with Terry McKenna.
    He has had a long career as an interpreter...

  • Ian Williams. United Kingdom

  • Ilya Truhanov. Russian Federation

  • Inod is a composer of contemporary instrumental music. His work incorporates elements of Classical, New Age, and Electronic styles, often with an emphasis on piano. 

  • Ivan Virijevic. Serbia.
    Ivan is a professional music composer and producer with more than 15 years of studio experience, living and working in Belgrade, Serbia.
    He works in various styles of music, from electronic music, pop, rock to orchestral and ambient. "

  • Jacek Dojwa. Poland.
    Jacek is a composer and producer who began his musical activity in the early 90's as an 8-bit computer game composer when he was a teenager. In the following years he was developing his skills of producer in PC working in several games and multimedia projects.
    He is currently a full-time producer involved in...

  • Javi Suarez. Spain.
    Javi is an original music composer conceived for all kinds of audiovisual projects, films, short films, animations, documentaries, publicity, corporate image, multimedia, TV, radio.

  • Jean Pascal Vielfaure- Francia

    Jean Pascal Vielfaure is a prolific and well known French composer writing primarily for multimedia and Video Games, but he has also had music featured in Film soundtracks and several instrumental albums.

  • Jérôme Chauvel. France.
    Jérôme is an instrumental music composer, often used by multimedia professionals and broadcasting.
    He is a musician influenced by artists like Air, Steve Hillage, Bjork or Laurie Anderson.
    Their main styles are electro, chill-out, ambient, tech-house music, with a psychedelic touch.

  • Joel Hunger. United States.
    Joel is a musician from Portland, who has been writing, recording and playing music for over 20 years.
    He mainly writes alternative acoustic rock, folk and bluegrass music, performed by acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums, also plays mandolin, banjo and ukulele.

  • Joey Stebanuk. Canada.

    Joey is an instrumentalist who composes in diverse genres and musical styles like Rock, Pop, Dream Scape, Down tempo, Blues, Classic Rock, Country ...
    His subjects are with real instruments based on guitars. No samples or samplers, virtual instruments, or song-building kits are used.
    His music is...

  • Johan Wallner. Sweden.
    Johan is a Swedish guitarist, composer and producer.
    His main instrument is fingerpickin guitar and slide guitar / Rock and Blues.
    He has also been doing music scores for Swedish late-film productions, film music art projects, etc.

  • John Bullaro. United States

  • John Judd. United States.
    John is known for his commitment to excellence in sound quality, strength of composition and emotional impact through music.
    Its high-end audio content is featured on TV, radio, internet ads, websites, branding of new products and software applications. He has composed for several films and...

  • John Rachel. United States.
    John has worked most of his life as a composer, music producer and sound engineer.
    Before leaving the US In 2006, he had his own recording studio.
    He is arranger and composer of vocal songs. "

  • John Radford. United Kingdom

  • Joi Veer. United States.
    Joi has many musical influences, from early favorites such as Peter Gabriel, Graham Parker, U2, David Bowie, Elvis Costello.

  • Jonathan Geer. United States
    Jonathan has composed soundtracks for games that appear on Mac, PC, Nintendo DS and iPhone / iPad.
    He also composes music for videos, Tv and soundtracks. "

  • José Angel Pérez Maestre. Spain.
    Despite his short career he has already worked as a sound technician in advertising with high-ranking agencies and companies.
    He is also a DJ and producer of music and has 2 albums on the market. "

  • Josquin des Pres. United States

  • Julian Bell. Quebec-Canada

  • Julio Kladniew. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    After working as a bassist in several teenage groups, in 1995 he won a scholarship to study at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston.
    Back in Buenos Aires, he continues to write for television, advertising and media and also for films.
    Julio is able to compose in many...

  • Juris Eihmanis. Latvia.
    Jurises is a professional arranger and composer. Write and record songs for albums, radio, television, commercials and many other projects of different types.
    Their styles encompass a wide range of genres ranging from folk to electronic music, soundtracks to downtempo.

  • Kenneth Lovell. United Kingdom.

    Kenneth W. Lovell Jr is a composer, sound designer and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. He has composed music for the Cartoon Network, The Atlanta Hawks, Disney, the United States Marine Corps, CNN, Turner Network Television, and various documentaries as well. Specializing in Pop Rock, World Music...

  • Kevin Kerrigan. United Kingdom

  • Klimentij Skripnikov. Ukraine.
    Klimentij is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and sound designer.
    Previously he was a lead member in the band "Abraziya," but his current occupation is in writing for films, TV, and commercials.
    Their main genres are Pop, Rock, Ambient and Comic.
    Much of their songs have a...

  • Kristijan Funaric. Croatia.
    Kristijan is a guitarist, producer and composer.
    Its main activity is to make music and sound effects for films, theater, animations and trailers.

  • Laurent Bruning. Netherlands.
    Laurent started playing the guitar when he was twelve and to record music three years later. At that time it was done with two stereo cassettes, copying two tracks from one recorder from one track to the other, after which another track could be added, thus creating multitrack recordings.
    Later he...

  • Leon Riskin. Israel.
    Leon is a composer and sound designer for Ionics Music.
    He has been in the sound industry for more than a decade, has created numerous commercials, games and various multimedia projects.

  • Leonard Rogowski. EEUU

    A highly-educated and skilled composer, Leonard Rogowski thrives on the inventiveness of cutting edge music artistry utilizing the latest sensational breakthroughs in music technology.

    Film Composer Leonard Rogowski studied music at UCLA and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music. Leonard...

  • Louise Tremblay. Canada.
    Its instrumentation is electronic with piano, guitar and ethnic instruments such as sitar, santoor and other elements.
    There are influences from all corners of the spectrum, and their tracks lead you through a journey of different styles.

  • Stavern, Norway.
    Lynne Publishing is a musical publisher specializing in music for television, internet, cinema, video games and other media.
    It also produces and distributes sound effects, and is involved with many things related to music composition, music licensing, stock music, sound design, etc.

  • Marc Corominas. Spain

    Marc Corominas has been composing, working and evolving his music materials over 20 years, taking some great composers like Vangelis, Beethoven, Mehldau and others into the classical, jazz and electronic scenario, as reference.

    Temporarily Marc explored the folk and Celtic Music and played with playing...

  • Cordoba Argentina.

    Marco is a musician from Argentina who composes in different musical styles such as pop, rock or electronic music.

    He is a specialist in advertising music as well as TV, videos and music for the audiovisual sector.

  • Marco Margna. Estonia.
    Music producer, songwriter and singer "

  • Mariano Olivera. Argentina.
    Spanish guitar interpreter. Their songs have a strong South American character.

  • Mark Allsopp. United Kingdom

  • Mark Dorricott is a UK-based keyboard player, composer, and producer who writes everything from Jazz and Latin based numbers to more contemporary Ambient and New Age piano music. His work can be described as esoteric and cinematic, ranging from strongly thematic to dreamy and atmospheric. Mark has released several CDs, the latest being "Soul...

  • Marshall Smith. New Zealand.
    Marshall composes music for movies, documentaries, television, advertising, games and other emerging media for clients around the world.

  • Martijn de Man. Netherlands.
    His compositions have appeared in numerous feature films, television commercials, corporate films and other media.
    He compiles in more than 20 genres from epic or Disney-style songs to songs with melancholy African flutes.
    Martijn's fresh originality will add to the brilliance of any media...

  • Martin Fačkovec. Slovakia.
    Martin is a specialist in the fresh and creative combination of electronic and acoustic music.
    Five years of studies at the University of Performing Arts and work for film, video-art, theater, commercials and DJ-ing, makes Martin a skilled multi-genre producer who composes Hip-Hop beats, Action,...

  • Mat Steiner. Switzerland.
    Mat is a full-time producer, composer, sound engineer and keyboardist. Compose and record songs for more than twenty years for albums, commercials, films and commercials for all types of clients in different musical styles.
    Since he was a child he started making music on an electronic organ. Later in...

  • Maxim Loki. Portugal.
    Maxim is a composer of electronic dance music.
    During the last years he has been dedicated to producing music for the audiovisual sector.

  • Michael Adels. Germany.
    Michael is a studio musician and lives in Germany. After playing keyboards for a few years in a rock band, he created over 20 years a studio called "TOY INVENTION".
    This long experience is the guarantee of expressive music in various styles. Michael produces themes for movies, multimedia, videos and many...

  • Michael Kakhiani. Georgia.
    Michael has been composing and producing music for movies, radio, television and commercials for many years.

  • Michele Vanni. Italy.
    In his 20 years in the music business, Michele has composed and produced hundreds of radio jingles and commercials for all major Italian and European networks.
    In 1995 for 10 years toured Japan as a singer and recorded with some of the best Italian artists. He also played in many local bands and was the...

  • Mike Peters. United Kingdom.
    His music has been licensed by hundreds of small media companies around the world, with a wide catalog of musicians of various musical styles.

  • Mike Poulson. United Kingdom

  • United States.
    Mori Behar graduated with a degree in composition from Berklee College of Music in 1981.
    Since thenhe has composed many works from solo piano to full orchestration for live performance, TV, radio and movies.
    His music varies from jazz, rock, blues to modern and classical themes.

  • Neil Cross. Canada.
    Neil's songs are often licensed for soundtracks, television and commercial productions around the world.

  • Nick Nicolas. Australia.

    Currently based in Australia, Nick Nicolas is an exciting composer who delivers fresh head-bobbin' beats and music tracks in the Electronic, Pop, RnB, Latin, Hip Hop, Blues, Folk, Classical, Jazz, and World genres. His music has been featured in many productions, including the Australian TV.

  • Based in France, Nicoco is a composer, percussionist, and pianist with over 20 years experience.

    music ranges from explosive Classical and Dramatic pieces to contemporary Jazz, Electronica, Soul, Pop, Ambient, RnB, Hip Hop, and Disco tracks. A critic recently described Nicoco's work as "... a rich world of sound, seasoned with...

  • Ralf Pytlik. Germany.

    Ralf Pytlik, is an award-winning producer and sound designer from Berlin, Germany. He's featured often in high end commercials, website audio and music videos, along with feature films for his many clients, including BBC, MTV, Discovery Channel, DMAX, Joseph, Boucheron, and London's Royal Ballet. Years of...

  • Richard Ames. United States.
    Richard is a composer, arranger and producer who has premiered compositions and arrangements with various ensembles from the United States.
    His music has also appeared as a screenplay for feature films and commercials, television programs, trailers and animations on all the stations and Televisions...

  • Richard Hadley. United Kingdom

  • Toronto, Ontario Canada

    Canadian composer Rick Dickert writes music for film, television, videogames and multimedia.

    Multi instrumentalist, plays vintage keyboards, real guitars, percussion, bass and last generation virtual...

  • Rob Johnson. United States.
    It would be difficult to find a composer with a richer musical background than Rob Johnson. Throughout his 25 years in the music industry, Rob's experiences have included work in disciplines as diverse as television and film, rock and roll, musical theater, cabaret and pop.
    During that time, he has...

  • Robert Neary is a production music composer based in the United Kingdom for television, film, movies, websites, corporate media, commercials, jingles, soundtracks, DVDs and advertising. Robert has had successful placements around the world.

  • Roger Lehman. United States.
    For 35 years Roger Lehman has been performing in the United States and Canada. He has acted in all capacities, including street cafés, cafes, discos, television and large concert halls.

  • Grimisuat, Switzerland

    Rolf Schnyder is an award-winning composer, songwriter and guitarist from Switzerland who is trying his luck by bringing his music to a larger worldwide market. Initially, he is working with some producers in the Nashville area, so here we present some of his latest tracks which would work in a number of...

  • Roman Larkov. Russia.
    Roman is a professional musician and composer from Russia. He has an experience of more than 15 years as a musician and composer.
    He is a great specialist in music for the audiovisual sector.
    Compose in any musical genre.

  • Ross Scott. United States.
    The sounds and songs of Ross range from the new progressive era to the hard industrial rock.

  • Ryan Corbitt and Trey Pollard are composers and engineers in Richmond, Virginia. Their music can be heard on television nearly everyday on CBS, PBS, Discovery, CMT, and TLC

    Songwire Studios offers a full spectrum of musical tracks, drama, fun, sentimental, epic, and even wacky.

  • Saloman Aaron.Canada.

    Aaron Saloman is a musician and composer based in the musical and artistic hotbed of Montréal, QC, Canada. With a background as a singer and guitarist in both Rock and Acoustic settings, he is fluent in several genres and often uses live instruments to give his tracks a special authenticity. You'll also...

  • Samir Chursin. Russia.
    Samir is a composer and sound designer specializing in music for TV, Film and Commercials.
    Classical pianist and self-taught guitarist, his passion for a great variety of music shines in his varied catalog, ranging from Techno and Electronic to Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Pop and Ambient.

  • Sascha Giebel. Germany.
    His musical career began in the late 80's as a pianist / keyboardist in various bands rock / pop and jazzrock / fusion. He studied Piano of Jazz in the Conservatory of Music of Luxembourg and electric and acoustic bass in the Hochschule der Künste (HdK) of Berlin.
    His portfolio includes music in various...

  • Sean Balli. United States.

    Sean specializes in Hip Hop, but he also brings us Electronic, RnB, Reggae, Dramatic, Pop, Rock, World, New Age, and Country music. From the incredibly frenetic "Anime Heroes," to the edgy and grimy Hip Hop track "Get Me Amped," his music is perfect for TV, Film, and Video Games.

  • Serge Chuiko. Ukraine.
    Serge has been working as an arranger in a music studio for a long time. He has written music for different advertising companies and artists.

  • Serge Ozeryan. Ukraine.
    Serge is a Ukrainian guitarist musician and song writer, composes music for TV / Radio and commercial programs.

  • Sergei Stern. United States

  • Sergio Schnitzler. Argentina.
    Sergio is an independent musician and producer of royalty-free music, sound and image effects.
    He studied classical music, guitar, piano, photography and painting, giving his work the artistic sensation and order of harmony and rhythm to be found.

  • Wien, Austria 

    Indie label promoting rock music and distributing rock, jazz, fusion, blues.

    Royalty Free songs from SixtySix Records music for advertising. Music without copyright for ads. from Acoustic music music for videos.
    Free environment songs without copyright for...

  • Skip Peck. United States.
    Skip Peck is a prolific composer. License your music around the world for use on television and movies.
    You can find Skip music in a multitude of genres from jazz to Latin to orchestral pieces, tangos and much more.

  • Stephen Bashaw. United States

  • Steve Steckler. USA

    Steve Steckler is a composer and musician who creates original music and sound design for commercials, long-form television programming, film, radio and the web.

  • Stewart Dugdale. England.
    Stewart is a professional composer with more than 10 years of experience. His credits appear in television programs, films and radio, as well as in music libraries around the world.
    Stewart has worked in television and movies since 2006. She has worked in Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Thrillers and...

  • Stuart Moore. United States.
    Stuart is a keyboardist / songwriter / producer born and raised in London and now based in Sacramento, California.
    It has a large collection of original music covering genres such as Funk, House, Jazz, Chill-Out, Latin and Orchestral.

  • Tim Brown. United States.
    Tim is an award-winning Nashville producer. Their music tends to have a perfect optimistic atmosphere for big commercials, TV, Movies and Documentaries.

  • Tomislav Letinic. Croatia.
    Tomislav is a composer of music and a producer with more than ten years of experience. Versatile musician composes for the audiovisual sector.

  • Vincent Bernay. France.
    Vincent is a guitarist, pianist and composer whose eclectic work ranges from calm and tranquility to melody and charisma.

  • United States.
    Rooted in classical music, Vince has demonstrated his skills as a composer in the world of music.
    His compositions range from lullabies to funky street rhythms, as well as orchestra themes for movies and videos.
    His knowledge of music, in his great trump card, embodied through his sensitivity in writing for...

  • Virginia N. Spain.
    Virginia, despite her youth, is a talented musician specializing in music for the audiovisual and advertising industries.
    He began to study at an early age and soon learned to enter the world of TV.

  • Wojciech Panufnik. Poland.
    Wojciech is a music composer and sound effects designer from Poland. Create music for TV and radio commercials as well as music and sound effects for games and mobiles.
    His musical adventure began with music tracker and demoscene music with computer. The next step was experimental electronic music...

  • Xavi Tello. Spain.
    Xavi is a musician specializing in Indu music through sitar.

  • XDaudio. Spain

    Xoan Otero and Diego Amigo form XDaudio, sound technicians and composers specializing in original music and sound design.

    In his DNA is the passion, the flexibility and the knowledge of diverse musical styles. They understand...

  • Yoav Alyagon.Israel

    Yoav is a professional and experienced composer and producer, specializing in producing professional music for business, advertising, TV, films and so on.

  • Hello. My name is Yuri Bespalov. I live in the city of Minsk in Belarus.

    I am a professional musician. I like a good music, and I get pleasure from its creation, as for me it’s an opportunity to feel my importance in the world. And every your purchase of my track motivates me to work harder to develop and create a good music for you...

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