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In freeaudiolibrary we have diferents prices available according to the duration of the theme: stings less than 15", short songs  less than 2´or long music more than 2´.. In addition we have a selection of themed paks of 10 songs.

Do not hesitate to use our search engine to find what you need.

For higher orders check our special discounts and save up to 60% on your purchase. More purchases, less paid. Packages of 30, 50 to 100 songs, you can get to pay 18€ for each. Contact us through our mail and we will inform you.



Less than 10”

In our music library you will find themes less than 10” known as Bumpers or Stings.

You can use them as stings in TV or radio programs, in advertising campaigns or in corporate videos.



Less than 2’

The royalty free music less than 2´ that you will find in our catalog have been created by professional composers.

Use this background music in your YouTube videos, spots or short audiovisual productions.



More than 2’

Find, among our royalty free tracks of more than 2 ´, the music for your audiovisual project, video or film.

In just one click you will have it available wherever you want and for ever.



10 songs (same style)

Consultation our compilations of songs selected by styles

Choose your style (pop, rock, chill out or corporate ...) and download 10 songs royalty free music

Special discounts

Benefit from our volume discounts

For those who need to buy a lot of free music, we have created discounts and special compilations to save up to 60% on the final price of your order. If you buy all your music on freeaudiolibrary sales you win.

Discount on purchases of 3 songs

Now, by purchasing 3 or more tracks, you'll automatically get a special discount on your shopping cart. Make the purchase normally and when confirming your order we will apply the corresponding discount according to the number of themes you have selected.

10% discount

3 tracks or more

20% discount

6 tracks or more

30% discount

10 tracks or more

Customize your compilation from 20 songs

Select all the royalty free music you need in freeaudiolibrary and benefit from a special price in all your subjects. Create your customized compilation combining musical styles, durations ... Buy exactly what you need.

20 tracks

enjoy each
theme for 30€

30 tracks

enjoy each
theme for 25€

40 tracks

enjoy each
theme for 22€

60 tracks

enjoy each
theme for 20€

100 tracks

enjoy each
theme for 18€

In order to benefit from these special prices you must contact us at

The payment will be made in cash and you will receive all your music through WeTransfer or Dropbox. The downloads can be done all at once or in the maximum term of 1 year.

Freeaudiolibrary has a library of its own, composed by thousands of songs free of copyright, so you can put background music to your videos in an economic way. Songs can be included as a background to illustrate radio ads, videos, web pages or TV spots as this music is royalty free or Royalty Free. The compositions are composed to Freeaudiolibrary and are available to all our clients. We have more than 20.000 free files of copyright, exemts of managing entities, to illustrate your videos, web pages, documentaries, TV programs ... Freeaudiolibrary is a company specializing in the sale of free music library books. It has a great catalog of music for soundtracks of all kinds, epic songs, suspense songs, intrigue. Here you will find a large number of material to create your film productions, TV, or videos. The website is perfectly categorized so you can find the piece of music you need quickly and easily. Likewise, all freeaudiolibrary library music includes at the price of the music track a unique indefinite license that will allow its use regardless of the commercial or geographical purpose of the audiovisual project in which it is integrated. In the catalog of Freeaudiolibrary we find more than 20,000 songs, all music without copyright. Another advantage offered by library music is that by making the purchase online, we can download the songs immediately and also, if purchased through Freeaudiolibrary, we can pre listen to the music tracks before paying for them. It's the best way to get royalty-free background music for your productions. Check our wide catalog and get up to 30% off your purchase!

The music and sound environment of your brand. Music has a very important part in your communication strategy. It drives the spirit and values of the company. It also allows you to more easily reach your customers' goals and make sense of your messages. A dedicated and original soundtrack free of rights, presented in several formats will accompany all your multimedia projects: advertising films, Internet site, multimedia terminals, etc. The sound logo or soundtrack will accompany all your communication projects and create the sound identity of your brand. Royalty-free music library is a quick and cost-effective solution to solve your customers problems.

Download royalty-free music or licenses. Our online music library is completely royalty-free. If you register you can download the music you need. You will only have to pay once for the royalty free music, and you can use it as many times as you want and in the productions that you want. You will never have to worry about copyright protection issues or complicated licensing terms. All the music of Freeaudiolibrary is made by musicians who do not belong to any management entity, therefore it is free of copyright, and therefore the management entities can not charge their cannon. Each of our more than 20,000 royalty-free music can be heard without registration, and demos can be downloaded to show to customers. Once registered you will be able to access all the original library music in mp3 format of high quality

Selecting royalty-free music and background music. Our royalty-free library music library features an excellent selection of royalty-free music. You can find music of any genre or style imaginable within royalty-free music. We offer a selection of royalty free music for any type of music, from the most traditional classical music to hip hop and progressive rock, to New Age music more experimental and innovative. All music tracks are composed, arranged and performed in an exquisite way that makes this instrumental selection of music from the library is unique in the sector. Freeaudiolibrary is the definitive source of production music, background, for movies, for television, for video production and corporate music free of copyright. It offers music of the best quality, but it is affordable since it has no royalties. With Freeaudiolibrary you can download background music of our entire library.

Royalty free music subscriptions. Royalty-free music subscriptions provide an excellent alternative for companies that need a wide variety of stock music tracks for their projects. By subscribing, you will gain access to over 20,000 royalty-free music tracks and over 1,500 sound effects. Do you need royalty-free music for a relaxing New Age film and music for a documentary? No problem: Freeaudiolibrary subscription gives you what you need, eliminating the hassle of buying whole albums with tracks you do not need. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today and start using royalty free music.